About Me

I am an engineer by profession and a photographer by passion. I love to build stuff and when I am not building, I love to click.

Currently I am the CEO of Subnero, a Singapore based company that specializes in underwater communications and networking solutions. At Subnero, we develop underwater communications, navigation and monitoring & sensing systems along with commercializing the technology developed at Acoustic Research Laboratory (ARL), National University of Singapore, of which I was part of.

When I am not thinking about underwater networks, I do take up freelance photography and videography assignments, in and around Singapore. Head over to the photography page for more details.

I am also a passionate 'electronic' gamer and naturally have interests in computer graphics, graphics processors, graphics designing etc. Some of my other interests are scuba diving, traveling, painting, scale modeling etc.

In the News


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Academic Qualifications

  • M.Sc., (Electrical Engineering, Major in Computer Engineering), National University of Singapore
  • B.Tech., (Electronics & Communication Engineering), Mahatma Gandhi University College of Engineering, Kerala, India

Professional Activities